Stay Safe – The Inconvenience Of Car Breakdowns

A family coping with a car breakdownThe potential of a car breakdown has to be one of the things that people dread about driving, particularly when in a rush or a long way from home.

Between November and January, Green Flag estimates that 900,000 motorist’s experience a breakdown.

Over Christmas we saw evidence of this first hand, we seemed to drive past an endless number of breakdowns (receiving assistance) as we made our annual trip to see the family.

It turns out that Christmas is the most popular time to break down, particularly later in the festive period as cars are restarted after being left standing.

The Cost of Car Breakdowns

The average cost of being towed off the motorway is estimated to be £250, which is a hefty price to pay to see friends or family. The cost of any additional repairs which may be required to keep the car on the road, meaning that the final bill can be much higher.

Inconvenience of Breakdowns

Often the causes of breakdowns could have been prevented with maintenance.
Breakdowns can be costly, but they can also be highly inconvenient and uncomfortable, particularly during the cold winter months. Nobody wants to be sat on the hard shoulder waiting for a tow truck with the temperature below zero, so why take the risk?

Preventing Car Breakdowns

Therefore, we advise our clients that prevention is better than cure, services are more than a warranty requirement they help keep the high wear parts

Therefore we encourage our customers to perform regular basic maintenance and checks on their car (see our guide here). Part of this includes keeping a regular service schedule and being aware of any minor niggles or problems you may have found and getting them fixed straight away.

We hope that we do not see you on the side of the road with your hazard lights flashing over the rest of the winter.

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