Stay Safe – Driving In Strong Wind and Rain

Severe storms can be a factor throughout the year and can make driving difficult for even the most experienced driver to drive in strong wind and rain.

Therefore we thought we would share a few tips on how to stay safe if you have to drive in the strong wind and rain.

Driving In Heavy Winds

The wind may not seem like a significant risk, however it can cause serious problems for road users and should be taken into consideration when driving during adverse weather.

Colourful Colourful umbrellas hanging on the street, broken by windBeware of susceptible areas to high winds and driving in cross winds – which may require extra care to ensure that you remain in control of your vehicle during heavy gusts.

Beware of larger vehicles – as their larger size and surface area can make them more susceptible to high winds (last winter we heard reports of lorries overturning on the A1 in Scotland on more than one occasion due to the winds).

Keep your hands on the wheel- in case the wind starts to move your vehicle suddenly.

Driving In Heavy Rain

Rain can be inconvenient, but it can also impact the way your car handles, your visibility and how long it takes to react to certain situations.

Take your time – this is the only way to keep your vehicle from hydroplaning so when there is lots of water on the road slow down to ensure you get to your destination safely.

Turn your lights on – torrential rains can affect visibility even during daylight hours, better to have your lights on and be visible than risking being invisible to other road users.

Give other vehicles more space – rain affects stopping distances so make sure your give the car ahead more space than usual so you have time to react safely to the traffic.

Whether you are driving as part of your job or getting you and the family from A to B make sure you stay safe on the roads.

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