Counting The Cost Of Avoiding Minor Car Repairs

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Minor car repairs are easy to put off, but if you get them done sooner rather than later you will likely save money later down the line and keep your car running longer.

The inconvenience and cost of minor car repairs may tempt you to delay any services and repairs until the last minute possible or even avoid them altogether. However you could be storing up serious problems that will hit down the line.

We have all seen the adverts by windscreen repair companies about a small chip becoming a dangerous crack over time and the same principle can apply to the rest of your car.

This is something we see regularly in the Elite Auto Works garage and we really want to help our customers avoid excess costs and work wherever we can.

This escalation increases the cost of the repair dramatically and may even force the car to be written off.

This month we have seen a few issues that have been assessed in the garage and put off by the owners until after Christmas. Unfortunately in the meantime these issues have developed and become serious problems.

A Costly Example

A good example in the Elite garage is when a customer brought in a car with a blocked Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) . These filters are important as they filter out the black smoke you sometimes see on older diesel cars.

Damage to the DPF can seriously damage your engine/turbo if left unchecked; unfortunately the customer wanted to delay the repair as Christmas was coming up. By the time the car returned to the garage the blocked DPF had caused damage to over parts of the car and the Turbo needed to be replaced.

Due to the age of the car the repairs were not economical and it was written off.

We hate seeing stories like this one play out so we strongly recommend that if you have a problem that requires a minor car repair you do not carry on and hope it goes away. Instead get the problem checked out quickly and get any preventative work done as soon as possible.

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