Four Wheel Alignment

Is your car showing any of the following issues…Untitled-1

  • Uneven or excessive tyre wear
  • Off centre steering wheel
  • Pulls to one side
  • Feeling unattached to the road, looseness or wandering

To achieve and maintain the best ride possible, the steering and suspension needs to be measured/adjusted to within the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. This can only correctly be done by having a proper full four wheel alignment. If only the fronts are set and the rear wheels remain out of alignment (and not adjusted), your car could still suffer tyre wear, pulling and off centre steering wheel

Wheel alignment can be affected by various factors such as kerbing, excessive speed over speed humps or potholes, accident damage, suspension or steering components wearing, or after suspension work has been carried out on your car.

VAG1812FElite Auto Works have invested heavily in the latest state of the art Beissbarth VAG1813F fully computerised wheel alignment system. Having factory approval from numerous vehicle manufacturers, the Beissbarth alignment machine is one the most accurate available today.


Great time and effort is taken to set a car up and carry out alignment check. Using a dedicated four post lift, each wheel is positioned on a floating pad allowing the wheel to be moved along 2 axes relative to the other three wheels. Then an alignment modules is attached to each wheel, communicating with the computer by means of a radio link. Each module emits an invisible light beam, and the four modules combine to surround the car with rectangular 360º beam. The two CCD cameras fitted to each wheel module then tell the computer how each wheel is aligned. This information is presented both graphically and numerically on the computer display.

Having your wheel alignment correctly set up can help to…

  • Reduce/minimise tyre wear
  • Improve the handling of your car
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Keep the car safe to drive

It is highly recommended that the vehicle be set up to original specification after any suspension work has been carried out, this will allow the suspension to work as intended and give the driver the most from the vehicles handling properties.