BMW E46 M3 Exhaust clamps

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An increasingly more common issue we are seeing with M3’s is the heavy corrosion of the brackets between back box and rear exhaust section. As on owner (or potential owner) you may have seen this or read about this on forums.

BMW’s answer is the replacement of both back box and rear section, both costly and creating a repair bill in excess of £1000.00!
The “DIY” solution some have tried is using Peugeot clamps! Unfortunately these do not provide anywhere near a desirable solution that we would be satisfied with, looking unsightly and not creating a perfect seal.

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At Elite Auto Works we have addressed this issue to help you save money and still have a high quality, factory looking solution. Guaranteed to keep your exhaust system sealed correctly and prolong its life. We remove the existing clamps and clean the joining pipe sections to how they should look. Using 4 high quality clamps, with a little modification, brand new gaskets and high tensile bolts, you have a solution that looks no different to the original BMW design.

Please note that we do require your vehicle to be left with us over a 2 day period to accommodate any possible unforeseen delays dependent upon the severity of corrosion and extent of any related pipe damage.

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Contact us today to find out how we can save you money, now and for the long term.