Running Out Of Fuel Is More Common Than You Would Think

Running out of fuel

We all play fuel gauge roulette at one time or another when on the roads, however running out of fuel is more common than you might expect.

We spend a lot of our time advising our clients how to avoid car problems and breakdowns; however you may be surprised that one of the most common challenges owners is not mechanical.

Nope, one of the biggest challenges motorists face to keeping their cars running, is remembering to top up the fuel.That’s right last year more than 800,000 people ran out of fuel while driving causing an embarrassing breakdown and walk of shame to the nearest garage.

Then there is the danger of where you stop, with motorway hard shoulders or the side of the road creating a hazard for other motorists.

Finally running your car on empty is not going to be ideal for the car and could cause damage, then there is the potential for an awkward conversation with the police.

Why Do People Run Out of Fuel

A study by insurer LV found that forgetting to keep an eye on the fuel gauge and overestimating how far a car can travel in the red zone of the fuel guage are the two main reasons people run out of fuel.

A study found that a quarter of motorists thought they could drive for 40 miles or more once the fuel light comes on, however in half of UK vehicles they would break down before they hit the 40-mile mark.

This belief sees motorists tests the limits of how far they can drive without topping up, particularly if budgets are tight and driving on a motorway.

It is common for people running on fumes to pass expensive service stations in the hope of being able to make it to a cheaper garage.

So the Elite advice is simple always be aware of how much fuel you have left in the car and don’t assume that you can drive for miles once you start running low.

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