5 Winter Car Checks To Keep Your Car Safe

EliteWorks_1It is October and time to start making the annual winter car checks.

The leaves are starting to turn and despite some sunny weather Autumn is here. In a few weeks the clocks will change and we will be back into the chilly darkness for the next 4-6 months.


This paints a bleak picture, but with the weather changing we all need to start planning for the change in the season.

At home this means checking the boiler and heating are working and properly serviced, and we should do the same with our vehicles.

Just as the boiler breaking down in the middle of winter can cause major inconvenience, a car that fails in the cold and ice can be deadly.

Therefore, we recommend you make the following winter car checks to make sure your car is going to be ready and road worthy

Lights and Visibility

We always see drivers at night with a light not working, many times they are blissfully unaware of the issue. Past the winter equinox, the nights are longer, so check all of your lights are working as you will be using them more and other road users need to be aware of you.


Anti-freeze is found in radiators and is used to prevent your engine and radiators from freezing in the winter.

You should regularly make sure that your vehicle’s anti-freeze levels are between the maximum and minimum levels. This avoids potential damage that will be expensive to fix compared to the investment in topping up with some anti-freeze.

Potential leaks from your cooling system that may have gone unnoticed in the summer months are more prone to fail in the colder weather.

However, make sure you do not mix the manufacturers anti-freeze with traditional solutions, if you are unsure what to use, give us a call or ask during your service and we’d be happy to show you.

Oil Levels

Always important, but even more so in winter as you do not want to become stranded in the cold. Oil levels can be checked using a dipstick which has two marks indicating both a maximum and minimum level. Some vehicles have an electronic dipstick with information on the display, if you are unsure please pop in and we can show you.

Tyre Tread and Pressures

Winter roads are less forgiving than those in the summer, make sure your tyres have sufficient tread on them and are inflated to the right pressure to help prevent accidents.


Your car failing to start is a nightmare any morning, so check that your battery is within it’s natural life of around five years. If it is older replace it to avoid inconvenient car trouble. Here at Elite Auto Works we test batteries on site without an appointment.

Not sure what to do?

If you are not sure if your car is fit for winter, then why not book it in for a Winter Health Check with Elite Auto Works, we will make sure everything is ship safe and that you and your passengers will be safe this winter. Book a service or repair in October and we will even include a free Winter Survival Kit*.

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